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Charmglow Industries Inc was founded in 1987 and called Perry Illinois home until going out of business. There have been quite a few owners of the Charmglow Grills name but Brinkman now carries on the name with an exclusive line available only at The Home Depot. Are you a charcoal barbecue, a high efficiency propane guy or looking for a smoker that actually works? You’ll get exactly what your looking for and at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Have a family Barbecue has never been so easy…and affordable.

As of this writing, we have not been able to find a source for parts that were manufactured when the company was still in business. However, the newer models which are still manufactured have parts available from the original manufacture.

You should check your users manual to see if there is a company name and phone number listed in the warranty section. That section is usually towards the back of the manual, you should try and contact the stainless steel grill company mentioned and see if they can help you. If we can find 3rd party parts we’ll post them here.

Charmglow Grills

The grills are still available on the market today, and are made with high quality stainless steel. There is a wide selection of sizes and layouts to meet the needs of even the most discerning enthusiast. Even though spring and summer is considered the most active grilling season, these backyard grills are available year round and not considered to be a seasonal item. You could spend twice as much for another brand of grill but why waste your hard earned money on nothing but a name. Charmglow Grills are made with the best materials and, if treated well, will give you and your family a lifetime of Backyard Barbecues.

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Charmglow Grill Parts

Parts are still available for a number of these grills from a variety of sources, with the exception of the stainless steel panels, you can find parts at practically any home improvement store. If you have an older grill and would prefer to upgrade to the newer porcelain coated grates, you shouldn’t have a problem finding them. Propane hoses, regulators, and tanks are also widely available.

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Charmglow Fireplaces

What could be better than curling up next to a roaring fire on a cold winter night, a glass of wine and your favorite book by your side. with a high a quality Charmglow Fireplace you never have to worry about your fireplace and that’s just the way it should be. When you turn something on you expect it to work, that’s what sets Charmglow Fireplaces apart from the rest. These fireplaces are manufactured with the best parts and are made to last a lifetime.

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Charmglow Patio Heaters

In addition to the fine offering of Charmglow Grills, you might consider a high quality patio heater. Most homes these day’s have a deck but only a true outdoor enthusiast uses their deck year round. With a Charmglow Patio Heater this is not only a possibility but a comfortable one at that. Charmglow Patio Heaters are designed to use the same propane heater that your Charmglow Grill uses so you don’t have to store anything extra.

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Charmglow Grills

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